During your stay with us, you will be based in the Volunteer Research House based at Casa Barry Beach Lodge, where you will enjoy breathtaking views of the bay as well as easy access on foot to the beach. Over the course of your stay with Underwater Africa you’ll have the opportunity to assist in some of our flagship conservation and scientific research projects.

Manta Rays

Contribute towards one of the largest databases on manta rays in the world, in collaboration with Dr. Andrea Marshall; National Geographic’s latest emerging explorer, cofounder of Underwater Africa, and founder of the Ray Of Hope Foundation.

Photographically identify, size, sex, and study the behaviour of these oceanic giants as they return from the ocean depths to reefs for their daily spa clean.

Both giant manta rays (M. birostris) and reef manta rays (M. alfredi) are found in the waters surrounding Underwater Africa. Conditions permitting, you’ll have the opportunity to study both of these gentle giants in their natural habitat while contributing to the global knowledge pool of these vulnerable species.

Whale Sharks

Study these gentle giants and help to build up the little knowledge surrounding them. This program was designed by the world’s leading whale shark expert.

Photographically identify these mammoths, study their behaviour, their feeding, find out what sex they are, how they move and how large a giant can be.


Tofo hosts two iconic species of playful dolphins, the elusive humpback dolphin and the world renowned bottlenose dolphin.

We are currently operating satellite studies to examine the dolphins high use habitats, their common behaviour, how many utilise the area and more. Come join us to help us protect these special and intelligent animals.

Humpback Whales

Underwater Africa has joined with one of the world’s most exciting, and charasmatic, researchers: Dr. Pierre Gallego. Join him between July and October to experience world leading research on Tofo’s explosion of giants.

These animals represent the mega in megafauna. Experiencing this is one of the world’s most exciting and rare opportunities, nowhere else can you get this close, and still contribute to drastically required research on one of the world’s last remaining giants.

Reef Turtles & Rays

During your dives into Tofo’s incredible reef systems you will experience an abundance of marine turtles, harmless reef associated sharks, and a diverse set of ray species. Collect data on their abundance, habitat use, health, size and sex in order to build up our knowledge on these animals in order to inform conservation practices spanning into the future.

Coral Reefs & Protected Areas

Underwater Africa has achieved an incredible success in protecting reefs and mangroves, aka marine forests. These areas enthuse the surrounding fisheries with life and so support these surrounding local communities. By working with these communities, you will feel fulfilled as you truly help Mozambicans. Help us to examine how these incredible ecosystems respond to our protection.

Predatory Sharks

Help us to complete world leading research on the abundance, diversity, habitat use and movement patterns of these incredible and misunderstood oceanic animals. Work with our shark scientist to assist in deploying tags and examine the lives of these special animals.


We are currently creating a collaboration with a leading plastic researcher to combat one of the oceans most prevalent threats: Microplastics. Since these small pieces of plastic threaten all of our animals, especially the ones who filter hundreds of gallons of water an hour for food, this is a project that is drastically required and will have a huge effect on how we manage our marine ecosystems into the future. Watch this space for further developments!