Underwater Africa has joined with one of the world’s most exciting, and charasmatic, researchers: Dr. Pierre Gallego. Join him between July and October to experience world leading research on Tofo’s explosion of giants.

These animals represent the mega in megafauna. Experiencing this is one of the world’s most exciting and rare opportunities, no where else can you get this close, and still contribute to drastically required research on one of the world’s last remaining giants.

Achievements & Objectives

We are currently examining the connectivity of Humpback Whale populations to examine how different whales move on their yearly migration from Antarctica.

Additionally, we are investigating the level of pollutants present within the whales to see how much of this is passed on and to what extent this impacts Humpback calves.

Finally we are hoping to combat Japanese whaling by developing new techniques to gather information that the Japanese say can only be taken from a dead whale. All of this work aims to inform conservation initiatives that will protect these majestic creatures into the future.