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Are you looking for the experience of a lifetime? Join Underwater Africa and assist our team of scientists with their research projects.

We offer students, marine enthusiasts, and young people the chance to travel to Mozambique and gain valuable experience working directly with ocean wildlife.

Want to get involved in marine conservation? Volunteer with us

Up close and personal Whale Expeditions

Are you passionate about marine conservation? We are a research and conservationist organisation based in Tofo, Mozambique.

Come experience the rich marine wildlife with a whale expedition led by one of our scientists and add value to their research efforts.

Find out more about our whale expeditions here.

About Underwater Africa

We are a unique marine volunteer expedition programme based in picturesque Tofo, Mozambique. You'll be hard pressed to find a marine-focused, volunteer expedition as special as ours. What makes our programme so unique you ask? The answer is simple: Our People. You need only look at our Facebook page to see how dedicated we are to making our volunteers’ stay with us a memorable one. You can also click here to get to know our scientific team.