Be an explorer and ambassador of this wondrous liquid frontier in Tofo, Mozambique.


Partake in diving, marine research and conservation, community outreach and cultural exchange.


Protect our ocean giants through exploration, research and education.


Get back to in touch with nature and unwind with new friends with a shared passion.

Our Expedition

Welcome to Underwater Africa, a unique marine volunteer expedition programme based in picturesque Tofo, Mozambique!
You will be hard pressed to find a marine-focused, volunteer expedition as special as ours. What makes our programme so unique you ask? The answer is simple: Our People. You need only look at our Facebook page to see how dedicated we are to making our volunteers’ stay with us a memorable one! You can get to know us in advance by clicking here.

“Underwater Africa was created as an extension of the Marine Megafauna Foundation’s efforts in Africa. We hoped by integrating young aspiring scientists and passionate volunteers into our dedicated research programs we could gain new perspectives, build capacity, and extend our reach along the eastern African coastline.”

National Geographic emerging Explorer 2013,
Dr Andrea Marshall

S 23°51"17'
E 35°33"00'

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What You Will Do

Whether you’re a student who’d like to volunteer abroad for a gap year, or an adventure tourist looking for something new, Underwater Africa has something for you. We work hard and play hard.

These are some of the things you can expect to do.

Kindly note: Some of the activities below are dependent on external factors such as weather etc. so last minute changes or cancellations may occur.

Research House

During your stay with us, you will be based in the Volunteer Research House based at Casa Barry Beach Lodge, where you will enjoy breathtaking views of the bay as well as easy access on foot to both the Marine Megafauna Foundation and the beach. The lodge will provide scrumptious fresh meals each day at the lodge restaurant – unless of course we decide to have a Mozambican barbecue!

Our Blog

Below you will find exciting posts from the team when we’re not in the water or on the beach.


Welcome to our pricing page. We offer different options to suit different schedules and budgets.
Kindly note:

– Pricing is in US Dollars.
– All 4 week (or more) packages will take booking preference over 2 or 3 week packages during high season.
– All packages inclusive of: 3 Meals a day, local logistics diving and accommodation.

2 weeks for registered divers
$ 2430.00

2 weeks including dive course
$ 2550.00

3 weeks for registered divers
$ 2879.00

3 weeks including dive course
$ 2999.00

4 weeks for registered divers
$ 3430.00

4 weeks including dive course
$ 3550.00

5 weeks for registered divers
$ 4165.00

5 weeks including dive course
$ 4285.00


6 weeks for registered divers
$ 4879.00

6 weeks including dive course
$ 4999.00

7 weeks for registered divers
$ 5630.00

7 weeks including dive course
$ 5750.00

8 weeks for registered divers
$ 6365.00

8 weeks including dive course
$ 6485.00

10 weeks for registered divers
$ 7760.00

10 weeks including dive course
$ 7880.00


12 weeks for registered divers
$ 9153.00

12 weeks including dive course
$ 9273.00

Enquire Now

So you are ready to sign up and are wondering what next? Please complete this form and we will:

1. Send you an information pack via email; 2. Send you a formal registration link with banking details to book your space.



“This is a serious volunteer program and an opportunity to take part in world-leading scientific research on marine megafauna with top experts in the field.”

Principle Scientist & Whale Shark Expert, Marine Megafauna Foundation,
Dr Simon Pierce

Contact Us

If you have any general enquiries then give us a shout here. If you are ready to take the next step in the registration process, then click here.


S 23 °51"17' | E 35°33"00'




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